Heart Transformation


Our Mission

To be a blessing to all the families of the earth

Our Motto

“Believe in Believing” – Robert Torres

When We Began

On July 11, 1997, Second Chance Phoenix Ministry, Inc., a non-profit organization (aka Second Chance) was founded by Mike Reuter and succeeded by Kathy Alcantar. Second Chance obtained a license from the Department of Health to operate as a drug treatment clinic. Later, Robert Torres would be elected as President and CEO of Second Chance. He moved it to Florida, gave it a new name and called it Second Chance Charity (http://secondchancecharity.com) and formed a new company called Heart Transformation Treatment on March 14th, 2012.

Why Behavior Modification Does Not Work

Robert launched a study evaluating almost three decades of presenting problems and outcomes of Second Chance’s behavior modification treatment interventions for the mentally ill and substance abusers. The subjects were placed into two categories; passive and aggressive. The two groups were part of a larger group segment; those that were discontented with treatment and/or resulted in relapse. During inpatient or oupatient treatment, the aggresive group exhibited defiance and non-cooperation while the passive group complied and cooperated. Both groups experienced unsuccessful outcomes post treatment.

How Heart Transformation® Was Birthed

Robert made a radical change in philosophy and practice. He thought it best to give it a name that would reflect a new approach focusing on a relationship-based model that treats the heart and mind as opposed to a performance-based model that treats the brain and behavior.

Where We Are Now

Heart Transformation Treatment is currently accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), a worldwide accreditor of health and human services in areas such as behavioral health, medical rehabilitation, child and youth services. Heart Transformation® certifies agencies and equips professionals and lay people alike to help couples, parents, singles, teens and children giving them the ability to not only know what to do but how to practically apply the life skills needed for genuinely happy relationships and living a successful life.

What We Do

A full set of tools and resources such as on-demand and live interactive videos for daily inspiration and weekly empowerment are easily accessible online for people all over the world. Heart Transformation certified clinicians, ministers, life coaches, caregivers, human resource workers, group leaders, mentors and other caring individuals can be scheduled to individuals and families for video mentoring sessions. We also certify public speakers, presenters and ministers to hold seminars and webinars for group venues.

Where We Are Headed

Heart Transformation is currently gathering data from treatment plans that can be audited by any psychiatrist, psychologist, university, health insurance auditor, state surveyor or accreditation surveyor. Our strategic plan is to submit official performance and metrics to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for inclusion into he National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). With the phenomenal results we have witnessed in the last few years, we have all the reason in the world to believe that Heart Transformation Treatment will become known, in the professional arena, as the leading and most successful treatment for mental health and substance abuse in the world, second to none.

Online Resources & Tools To Help Heal & Restore Hearts.

We’ve added Heart Transformation Modules! Heart Transformation Therapy, Heart Transformation Workplace, Heart Transformation Caregiving, & Heart Transformation Seminars and Webinars!

  • On-demand & Live Interactive videos

  • Daily Inspiration & Weekly Empowerment

  • Global Reach

  • Individual & Family Video Mentoring Sessions

  • Full Set Of Tools & Resources

  • And Much More…

Robert Torres - Creator of Heart Transformation® Interview

Heart Transformation

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