A Safe Place For Good Kids

A Safe Place for Good Kids

When it comes to sending your child to a residential treatment facility, it’s normal to be torn. You know your son needs more help than you can provide at home, but you hate to send him away. And you’ve heard the horror stories: Five-minute phone calls once a week, prescription drugs that do nothing but dull personalities, and negative influences from adolescent delinquents, such as kids who were selling drugs and carrying guns.

But that isn’t your son. He’s a good kid. He’s just struggling with some minor behavior problems. Maybe he lacks motivation. Maybe he doesn’t treat you with respect. Whatever his problem is, it isn’t something that deems exposing him to individuals whose problems are so different from your child’s.

At CARES Heart Transformation Treatment, we understand because we treat kids like yours every day. Kids like yours who are improving relationships with their parents and transforming their thoughts and hearts.

Positive Peers in a Positive Environment

At CARES Heart Transformation Treatment, your child won’t be mixed in with kids who are dangerous, use drugs, have a criminal history, or harm themselves. Instead of a negative influence, your daughter will be with girls like her who become a positive influence on one another. They grow together, experience the joys and benefits of Heart Transformation Treatment, and encourage each other to become better.

Although CARES is not home, it’s comfortable. Each child who enters the residential treatment center has a private bedroom in a three- to five-bedroom cottage, each of which has a minimum of two bathrooms. Most cottages host three or four girls and a caregiver.

Unlike some residential treatment centers, your child will have a social life here. Due to the low client-to-staff ratio and the caliber of clients, kids are regularly taken off grounds. They go to the movies. They go out to eat. They have fun and do normal things that other kids do.

Complete Transparency

At CARES Heart Transformation Treatment, we believe in transparency, from academics to daily events. That’s why there are no communication restrictions. You can talk to your child whenever you want and for as long as you’d like. As a matter of fact, we encourage it. The more you talk to each other, the more opportunities there are for training, coaching, mediation, conflict confrontation, and relationship building.

CARES’ transparency reaches beyond the telephone, however. Your child will participate in daily video journaling, and you’ll be given access to your child’s thoughts and emotions. Daily metrics, including academics, mood, emotions, sleep patterns, and more are taken and sent to parents, allowing you to watch the development that takes place as your child embraces Heart Transformation Treatment.

The Heart Transformation Way

Heart Transformation Treatment is unlike any other mental health treatment available. CARES is not a religious institution that pushes dogma and prayer, but we treat the heart the way the Bible says it should be treated and watch as thoughts and hearts are transformed.

We help you do the same thing. You’ll work with our team to learn about discipline and punishment, as well as how to handle disappointment and frustration without compromising your relationship with your child. Through training videos, teleconference mediation, and even live chat via your smartphone, we work with you and your child to ensure that you grow together.

Are You Ready for a Transformation?

When the heart opens up to God, the individual blossoms. CARES Heart Transformation Treatment facilitates that. And your child can bloom in a safe, positive environment that influences him or her in the right direction, not the wrong one.

To learn more, visit the CARES website or call 877-944-5511 today.
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