The New Covenant of Grace

For years, I inadvertently taught law and works, with a little faith and grace mixed in. One cancelled the other. However, I discovered the following Scripture, which prophesies that man would no longer have to perform through good behavior in order to receive the blessing found in a relationship with God.

“I will give you a new heart and a new mind. I will take away your stubborn heart of stone and give you an obedient heart. I will put my spirit in you and will see to it that you follow my laws and keep all the commands I have given you.”
EZEKIEL 36:26-27
Good News Translation (GNT)

How many times do you recall being told that you need to make a decision to change? In your own self-effort, you use will-power. So you tell yourself that you will do things differently next time but time and again, you fall back into the same repetitive cycle. Promises, New Year’s resolutions and decisions made, always end up in disappointment. Some people come to the conclusion that it is a manifestation of a heart set in the wrong place. You tell yourself, “Maybe my intentions are wrong or maybe my heart is not right.” So in an effort of self-denial, you tell yourself to have a better attitude about the thing that you need to change, but deep down inside you really don’t want to. After repeatedly failing to perform in better behavior by having a better attitude, it becomes apparent that only God can change your heart.

The question is “How do I get God to change my heart?”

So you pray over and over, “God change my heart.” You might even try begging, crying or fasting. Ultimately, your prayers, religious calisthenics and self-efforts end up no different than if you just crossed your fingers and hoped against hope.

Don’t give up! There is hope!

But first you have to understand that you need a complete heart transformation and a change of mind. Secondly, know that God is the only one that can bring about that change. Ezekiel prophesied of the new covenant, where one day God was going to do all the work. He would give mankind a new heart and a new mind and He would change our behavior with no effort on our part aside from just believing.

If you’re anything like I was, I bet maybe you once said a prayer, “God come into my life and change me.” You might label yourself as born-again. You might call yourself “saved.” Or you may just be a “Christian” because you joined a church or your parents raised you that way. You could be a good person that loves God. Put all of that aside for just a moment and focus on this: Will you believe that God’s free and unmerited gift which the Bible calls grace is yours whether you are good, bad, saved, unsaved or indifferent? Grace is like a big warehouse in Heaven with all the goodies you will ever need to live an amazing life.

Some of those goodies are a new heart towards things and a new mindset about things. This is not a one time occurrence but you can experience constant change throughout your life for the better. How do you obtain it? Just believe. You see it is already available to you and it has been paid for. You have been given a key with your name on it. The key is useless unless you access the warehouse and all of what is in it by using the key to open the door. For the rest of your life you can go to your grace warehouse and get whatever you need for whatever your situation may call for.

If you need better health and want to obtain the discipline to eat better and exercise regularly, then go shopping with your unlimited credit card. If you are failing in your relationships for whatever reason, go get some love, tolerance, etc. If you need money to get you through school or capital for a business venture, you know where to get it. If you need a shot of joy, peace or happiness to get you out of depression or a day when you have the blues, just go down aisle “E” for emotional healing. When all of your cool friends, new electronics, and your awesome family or your good looks just don’t seem to fulfill you, grab a quick package of “satisfaction” from the shelf at the checkout counter.

Today’s Thought
Focusing on God changing my mind and transforming my heart will cause me to behave better as opposed to trying to change my own mind, heart and behavior through self-effort.

Today’s Prayer
“Dear Lord, thank you for the new heart and new mind that you have given me. I now access your grace warehouse for [name the things you need] in order to change my thinking and [name the behavior]”

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