Transformation Is Possible

When you or someone you love is struggling, it’s easy to lose hope—especially when you’ve tried different things, but nothing seems to make it better. Therapy at the local counseling center helped for a few months, but behaviors reverted. The hospital that promised a life-long solution only lasted three days and seemed to make things worse instead of better. Or maybe the group home that was supposed to change your child’s life ended up exposing her to negative peers and wanted to put her on a prescription cocktail that could take down a horse. To make things worse, the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for treatment because it says she isn’t sick enough.

Perhaps it’s time to take a different approach. Maybe it’s time to try Heart Transformation Treatment and start to believe in believing again.

What Is Heart Transformation Treatment?

Instead of focusing on behavior and performance like traditional modalities, Heart Transformation Treatment takes a Biblical approach and focuses on the heart, God’s love, and family relationships. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), CARES is the first residential treatment program to implement Heart Transformation Treatment, and the results have been astonishing.
Whether you’ve looked at the research or have dealt with it in real life, you already know that behavior modification doesn’t work—especially when mental health is concerned. Instead of healing, behavior modification creates two different people: Those who are passive and those who are aggressive. Those who become passive comply and make their way through programs with few issues, but they don’t change. Once the program ends, the individual reverts back to negative behaviors, and things return to how they were before the program. On the other hand, those who become aggressive fight their way through the program, struggling from beginning to end, but don’t change. They only cause frustration and hurt.

Heart Transformation Treatment is different. We’ve learned how to reach people’s hearts and teach families how to heal through what the Bible teaches, not necessarily the church. We don’t push religion, however. We don’t have to. Our approach allows children, teens, and adults to willingly open their hearts to God and live the life they were intended to live.

And the best thing is, Heart Transformation Treatment is for the whole family, not just the individual in the program.
What Does Heart Transformation Treatment Treat?

Heart Transformation Treatment isn’t just for troubled teens. As a matter of fact, most of our kids aren’t criminals and don’t participate in destructive behaviors. Generally, they’re great kids, but they’re emotionally troubled. They’re stressed and have developed negative self-coping mechanisms that have made them believe that God doesn’t love them. Some have stopped believing in God altogether because it’s easier to deny His existence than to believe they aren’t worthy of love.

But not only is everyone worthy of love, God loves all of us, even if we don’t know it. His love is unconditional, and no matter what, it doesn’t stop. Opening kids up to this concept shows them that our disappointments and expectations are not related to God’s love, or a parent’s, and love is nonjudgmental.
When kids feel loved, they heal. Emotional disturbances and outbreaks become less frequent until they disappear. The organic relationship between parent and child improves. Kids become happy and behaviors naturally get better.
What Does Heart Transformation Treatment Do?
Heart Transformation Treatment teaches individuals and families how to open their heart to God’s love and experience life the way it was designed to be experienced, incorporating what the Bible teaches.
Our specially trained staff is here to help children know what to do when they’re feeling low, depressed, or confused. It teaches positive coping skills and how to be receptive to love.
With Heart Transformation Treatment at CARES, you or your child will:

• Become empowered
• Build confidence
• Learn how to handle bullying
• Learn how to resolve conflicts
• Develop leadership skills
• Know how to find the right kind of justice

Each day, your child will have a completed character measurement to monitor his improvement. These include mood, responsibility, maturity, and happiness, as well as his or her sleep schedule, social skills, relationship skills, and academic success. Through these measurements, your child’s progress is tracked, giving him or her hope for the future.
But Heart Transformation Treatment isn’t just about treating your child. It’s about treating the whole family. Through over-the-phone coaching, online videos, live PowerPoint presentations, and relationship training, you’ll learn the scientific way to implement Biblical principles that will change how your family interacts, ending the dysfunction, heartache, and emotional turmoil that you have now. You’ll learn how to administer God’s love and balance discipline, forgiveness, and permissiveness to meet your child’s needs and improve your relationship. You’ll learn how to be a parent AND a friend, so the organic ties between you get stronger. You’ll learn different ways to structure both your day and communication to improve the family, not just your child.

Who’s on the CARES Treatment Team?

Unlike other residential treatment programs, Heart Transformation Treatment has a range of staff and personnel, and each person is extensively trained to know the best and most effective methods to reach your child and motivate him to become his best.
And with a treatment team that includes the following, you know your family will receive the care and attention it needs:
• Program director
• Clinicians
• Psychiatrists
• Case managers
• Life coaches
• Medical doctors
• Registered nurses
• Social workers
• Mentors
• Caregivers
• Licensed nutritionists
• Ministers
• You

Yes, you are a member, and an important one, of your child’s treatment team, and you will take an active role in both his treatment and recovery. You’re goals and objectives will be added to his treatment plan, and every week, you’ll partake in treatment plan meetings, where you and your child will discuss the improvements and setbacks he’s facing, allowing you to move forward and heal as a family.

Each family is also assigned an enrollment specialist. This individual is there to answer your questions, not to sell you on our program. And if our program is not the right one for your child, the enrollment specialist will help you find the one that is.

The Residential Program

The residential program offers a variety of treatment plans that last 30 days, 45 days, 90 days, or six months, ensuring that your child gets the time and care needed to heal and transform his or her life.
With multiple vacation-style homes and staff-to-client ratios of 1-to-2 and 2-to-4, your child gets exactly what he or she needs. Our staff uses peer matching to place the right people together, assuring that your child is not negatively influenced by problem peers. And because we want to make each resident feel at home during his stay, we guarantee that each resident has a private bedroom and a minimally shared bathroom.
Unlike other residential treatment centers, we don’t restrict communication. We offer HIPAA-compliant video calls, and you’re able to call our facility at any time to talk to staff or your child. As a matter of fact, we encourage it.
The Intensive Outpatient Program
Our intensive outpatient program, sometimes called IOP, offers everything that our residential program offers but in a condensed form. Regardless of whether you’re in the 45-, 90-, or 180-day program, during IOP, you’ll come to our facility six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and participate in the same activities that those in our residential program participate in.

What Parents Should Know

As a parent, it’s difficult to know how to handle a troubled child. That’s why Heart Transformation Treatment isn’t just about the child, it’s about the entire family. And as much as your child is in treatment during his stay at our rehabilitation center, so are you as the parent.
Through on-demand and live interactive videos, you’ll receive daily inspiration and weekly empowerment sessions that can be watched from anywhere in the world. These lessons and personal coaching teach you practical techniques that transform your parenting and your relationship with your child.
Here is just some of what you’ll learn:
• Confrontation and discipline
• Relationship building
• Relationship mediation
• Relational activities
• Reverse psychology
• The parent-friend approach
• Teen talk
• Small talk
• When to control or influence decisions
• How to prepare your child for adulthood
• Creative ways to discipline
• Planning fun social functions
• Customized, practical home structure and daily schedules
• How to nurture orderliness, inspiration, productivity, and enjoyment

At CARES, you’ll participate in your child’s weekly accountability meetings and have complete transparency about what’s going on in your child’s life. Through parent coaching, you’ll learn how to speak so that your child listens and understands, so you can build the relationship you’ve always dreamed of having.

Funding Options

CARES accepts a variety of payment options, including private pay, insurance, or business or personal financing.
If working with an insurance company, your family will be assigned a Christian advocate who will work directly with you and your provider. We’ve found that insurance is more likely to reimburse families who’ve already enrolled and paid for the program, particularly our residential program. In the IOP program, there’s a high percentage of families that get the majority of funding reimbursed.

CARES also offers financing options. Depending on your family’s situation, if outsourcing isn’t possible, we offer guaranteed in-house financing. With a certain percentage down, we’ll get you covered, so your family can find more than just healing, it can find transformation.

Make It a Reality

With CARES’ Heart Transformation Treatment, transformation isn’t just possible, it’s within reach. Our spiritual-based therapy and faith-based counseling bring your family together in a way that isn’t possible with traditional behavioral modification. And with our readmittance and relapse guarantee, there’s no reason not to start your family’s transformation today. Call us to learn more about how we can help your family become what God intended.

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