Heart Transformation Therapy

Heart Transformation Therapy

Heart Transformation Therapy (HTT) focuses on heart change and relationship over the traditional approach of behavioral change and performance. HTT can now be used as an Axis IV treatment plan and signed off by any psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health counselor or case manager. It offers certification to licensed healthcare professionals and/or their organizations. HTT provides HIPPA compliant tele-therapy, electronic health records cloud storage and video/phone recorded archives of counseling sessions. Notably, CARES Treatment, a behavioral health CARF International accredited facility, was the first Residential Treatment Center to be certified to offer Heart Transformation Therapy.

Treatment modalities can be defined as methods of treatment. These are ways in which a healthcare professional would go about treating a psychological condition. Heart Transformation Treatment is one among them. It is classified as spiritual-based therapy within the industry. It is also referred to as Faith-Based Counseling.

Different from other forms of counseling, Faith-Based Counseling is guided by the conviction that emotional illnesses and mental health are best healed by taking into consideration both the wisdom of spiritual teachings and the knowledge of human psychology. This particular type of treatment is the best care option for treating the heart of the patient. This is where the root of all psychological, emotional and spiritual problems lie.

Heart Transformation Treatment compliments other varying treatments such as neurofeedback, mind-mapping, natural supplements, social therapies, life skills, career coaching, goal setting, and others. which may be brought to bear for the benefit of a client or patient.

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Heart Transformation

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