Residential Treatment

C.A.R.E.S Residential Treatment Center is organized and staffed to provide both general and specialized non hospital-based interdisciplinary services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for persons with behavioral health or co-occurring needs, including intellectual or developmental disabilities. Residential treatment programs provide environments in which the persons served

reside and receive services from personnel who are trained in the delivery of services for persons with behavioral health disorders or related problems. Our services are provided in a safe, trauma-informed, recovery-focused milieu designed to integrate the person served back into the community and living independently whenever possible. The program involves the family or other supports in services whenever possible. Our Residential Treatment program may include domestic violence treatment homes, non hospital addiction treatment centers, intermediate care facilities, psychiatric treatment centers, or other non-medical settings.

Child Safety
  • 1 Caregiver to 2 Student ratio per 3bd/2ba home

  • 2 Caregivers to 4 Student ratio per 5bd/4ba home

  • Guaranteed Peer Matching to assure your child is not negatively influenced or vice-versa

  • Police Visits to check up on your child anytime upon request

  • No Phone or Social Network Access

  • 24 Hour Supervision

  • Student Rights

  • Vitals and Physicals completed by RN

  • Nutritional Meals Approved by Licensed Nutritionist

  • 24 Hour Video Surveillance in all rooms except for bedrooms

Direct Care Staff
  • CPR & First Aid

  • Pool Safety Training

  • Emergency & Disaster Training

  • Heart Transformation Therapy Certified

  • Food Handlers License

  • Nutritional Meal Planning Certified

  • State Notarized Good Moral Standing Agreement

  • Department of Children & Families Training

Our Parent Life Coaches TEACH you important parenting principles:
  • Balance when to control or influence

  • Prepare your teen for adulthood NOW

  • Foster ongoing heart change in you, your spouse & children

  • Creative ways to discipline that work

  • How to plan social functions and be a part of them instead of leaving it up to their friends

  • Create a customized, practical home structure and daily schedule that nurtures orderliness, inspiration, productivity and enjoyment

Our Parent Life Coaches TRAIN you to parent your child with the following techniques:
  • Confrontation & Discipline

  • Relationship Building

  • Relationship Mediation

  • Weekly Accountability Meetings

  • Relational Activities

  • Reverse Psychology

  • Parent-Friend Approach

  • Teen Talk

  • Small Talk

  • Frequent Videos of your child during activities

  • Frequent Pictures of your child in their environment

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • No Visitation, Phone or Mail Restrictions

  • Live Video Access to Treatment Classes, Counseling Appointments, Inspiration Sessions

  • Open community discussions with other former, aftercare and current parents and students

  • Instant Team Messaging

  • 24/7 Phone/Video Conference

Parent Peace Of Mind
  • We respect parent sovereignty

  • Parents give input and are part of the treatment plan development

  • 24 Hour Emergency Number

  • Only Approved Friends and Family Contact

  • Fire Clearance

  • Health & Safety Clearance

  • CARF Intl Accredited

  • Building Inspection Clearance

  • Radon Testing Clearance

  • Emergency Plan

  • Grievance/Complaint Department

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