Inpatient (Residential)

Child Safety
  • 1 Caregiver to 2 Student ratio per 3bd/2ba home

  • 2 Caregivers to 4 Student ratio per 5bd/4ba home

  • Guaranteed Peer Matching to assure your child is not negatively influenced or vice-versa

  • Police Visits to check up on your child anytime upon request

  • No Phone or Social Network Access

  • 24 Hour Supervision

  • Student Rights

  • Vitals and Physicals completed by RN

  • Nutritional Meals Approved by Licensed Nutritionist

  • 24 Hour Video Surveillance in all rooms except for bedrooms

Direct Care Staff
  • CPR & First Aid

  • Pool Safety Training

  • Emergency & Disaster Training

  • Heart Transformation Therapy Certified

  • Food Handlers License

  • Nutritional Meal Planning Certified

  • State Notarized Good Moral Standing Agreement

  • Department of Children & Families Training

Our Parent Life Coaches TEACH you important parenting principles:
  • Balance when to control or influence

  • Prepare your teen for adulthood NOW

  • Foster ongoing heart change in you, your spouse & children

  • Creative ways to discipline that work

  • How to plan social functions and be a part of them instead of leaving it up to their friends

  • Create a customized, practical home structure and daily schedule that nurtures orderliness, inspiration, productivity and enjoyment

Our Parent Life Coaches TRAIN you to parent your child with the following techniques:
  • Confrontation & Discipline

  • Relationship Building

  • Relationship Mediation

  • Weekly Accountability Meetings

  • Relational Activities

  • Reverse Psychology

  • Parent-Friend Approach

  • Teen Talk

  • Small Talk

  • Frequent Videos of your child during activities

  • Frequent Pictures of your child in their environment

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • No Visitation, Phone or Mail Restrictions

  • Live Video Access to Treatment Classes, Counseling Appointments, Inspiration Sessions

  • Open community discussions with other former, aftercare and current parents and students

  • Instant Team Messaging

  • 24/7 Phone/Video Conference

Parent Peace Of Mind
  • We respect parent sovereignty

  • Parents give input and are part of the treatment plan development

  • 24 Hour Emergency Number

  • Only Approved Friends and Family Contact

  • Fire Clearance

  • Health & Safety Clearance

  • CARF Intl Accredited

  • Building Inspection Clearance

  • Radon Testing Clearance

  • Emergency Plan

  • Grievance/Complaint Department

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