Floridians and others came out in drolls to donate blood. Now we need compassionate donors and volunteers everywhere to make financial contribution towards the emotional healing and support for the injured, their families, loved ones and Americans everywhere who were deeply affected by this tragic event. We are also reaching out to licensed clinicians from cities all over America who are willing to help meet this great need.

These types of attacks have a major effect on creating a survivor type of trauma in individuals. They display a test to psychological experts who need to help the damaged populace. The contrast of post-fiasco needs between groups of survivors can be exemplified by the after effects of the devastation that are directly or indirectly related.

(1) the main survivors are the individuals who have encountered most extreme trauma of the incident;

(2) second-level survivors are weeping for their close relatives;

(3) third-level survivors are salvage and recuperation work force, restorative, nursing, emotional wellness, Red Cross, ministry, crisis staff, firefighters, police;

(4) fourth level survivors are other individuals in the group required in the catastrophe - columnists, government faculty;

(5) fifth-level survivors are people who may encounter conditions of misery or aggravation subsequent to seeing or listening to media reports.

Robert Torres, co-author with Brian Tracy of best seller, Ignite Your Life is offering mental health services to all those affected by the recent tragedy. Robert Torres’ Heart Transformation Therapy was recently aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX Affiliates. He is the founder of Second Chance Charity and creator of Heart Transformation Treatment aka CARES Treatment is offering CARF accredited daily intensive outpatient therapy via teletherapy and individual counseling by licensed clinicians. They will be providing services for those grieving the loss of their loved ones. She is also coordinating licensed clinicians that will be joining our effort. Additionally a caregiver and life coach will be assigned to provide personal touch to individuals and families.

Robert has provided relief to many families and individuals in crisis such as the Santana High School Shooting in Santee, California. Robert and his team were upfront and center comforting the traumatized in the aftermath.

Robert Torres - Creator of Heart Transformation® Interview

Heart Transformation

1420 Celebration Blvd. Suite 200,

Celebration, FL 34747

Phone. 407-901-4000

Email. [email protected]

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