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Anywhere On Any Device

Heart Transformation tele-therapy gives patients, mentees and people from anywhere in the world on any device the opportunity to find healing, encouragement, personal development or training to help yourself or others at any capacity whether it be professional, private or volunteer.

Video Session Types

We offer 3 types of live videos sessions that take place throughout the week. Our video sessions make up for a complete intensive outpatient program covered by insurance for those seeking mental health and substance abuse services. It’s also is a great resource for anyone who wants to continue grow and develop as well as those who are training others.

Importance Of Daily Mind Renewal

Heart Transformation tele-therapy should be viewed as no different than your daily grooming and personal hygiene like brushing your teeth, working your muscles, or nourishing your body. If you neglect any of these things you will naturally see a degeneration and decay. The same goes with person who you are, your inner man.

You are not your body, you are a living soul that lives in a body and possesses a spirit. When you understand this concept you see the importance of feeding your soul everyday. Why? Because your thoughts and emotions are in a battle everyday for your soul which consists of your heart and mind.

This is the way to grow and develop into a superhuman or a what we may say a spiritual person which will then affect all your health, wealth, relationships, and ultimately happiness, joy, and that is the key to your success.

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